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Honeynets implementation Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Honeynets implementation - Case Study Example To ascertain the effectiveness of the project in administering the foresaid role, I have done sufficient research about the reliability and convenience of the system in managing the task and have found it much viable and efficient. The research done covered a wide scope including monitoring and getting feedback with those already with the system. I have also done hypothetical hacking techniques and in all the cases, the project has proved beyond hacking. I therefore strongly recommend the project for your institution to cushion form such possible attempts. Best regards. Executive Summery During the month of February, we received a formal communication to design a system security than would be hackers proof since the existing one was frequently being intruded in. It did not provide a resistant guard to hackers. Following this communication, we designed a study to help the company in the following ways; I. Keeping intruders outside the production system in disguise while they think the y are inside the main production system. II. It recognizes any intrusion attempt. This is because any operation found within it can only be from an intruder. III. Cheaper to manage; it can be virtually supported as opposed to those that are physically supported. IV. Recognizing and storing the pattern taken by the intruders to help our experts advance a quick counter response. During the month of February, hackers intruded into the production line system of the company. As a result of the intrusion several information were altered within the production system and the company lost very crucial operational and management data. In this regard, the company is estimated to have lost about $ 150,000. As a result of our in depth feasibility study, we established the following criterion for the system to be adopted; a) Can be virtually supported b) It has significantly low cost of maintenance c) It gives the identity of the hackers d) It is difficult to penetrate by hackers In this regard, we want to confidently appeal for company’s management to ratify the new security system and engage it for the next six month during which they will observe the number of attempted hacking without success in the main system. It is at this time that it will prove inevitable to avoid. Abstract The need to prevent hackers from succeeding in their quest is one of the investments being done by most of the organizations. Organizations do invest in various systems that will ensure that their insider information is not leaked to the unauthorized persons or that the unknown does not manipulate the organization’s data. Various systems have therefore been floated in response to the conduct. The lingering question is the viability of the system employed to succeed in the intended purpose, we made a proposal to your organization in this regard where we intended to implement the Honeynet project. Research was done about this project in terms of how successful it is and the informati on collected is

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Nutrition programs Essay Example for Free

Nutrition programs Essay Traditionally, nutrition programs were targeted to the indigent and poor populations in developing countries. Many of todays Americans are malnourished also, but they are inundated with unhealthy foods and require a multidisciplinary approach to nutrition education. What would be the three most important points to include in a public nutrition program? Provide current literature to support your answer and include two nutritional education community resources. Answer: Although we already know it is essential to eat a healthy diet, we may find it more challenging to sort through all of the information about nutrition and food choices. Nutrition is the provision to cells and organisms of the materials necessary (in the form of food) to support life. Healthy eating helps prevent high cholesterol and high blood pressure and helps reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes. Many people today in America are malnourished and it is mostly due to indulging in unhealthy/poor dietary intake. These problems can be controlled by utilizing a multidisciplinary approach to public education. The doctors, social workers, nurses, dieticians and other health educators involved in health promotion should all have a part in ensuring and promoting healthy dietary intake with appropriate food portions and increasing physical activity. The three most important points to include in a public nutrition program are (a) the relationship between food choices and chronic disease such as high blood pressure (high salt intake), high lipids (high fat intake), obesity/diabetes (high sugar/carb intake/low activity) and much more. Educating the public on how to use natural herbs/ seasonings, or salt substitute, reading labels for nutritional contents and ingredients and eating low carb food are all vital factors to know. It is also very important to increase your physical activity daily. Another important point to include is (b) the nutritional assessment. Individuals need to be assessed for their nutritional status and risk. This will help to â€Å"tailor the food packages, design appropriate nutritional education and make referrals to health and social services† (USDA, 2015). The next would be  the nutrition for mothers and children in regards to lactation counselling and school lunch programs. Newborn maternal nursing along with children’s’ nutrition is also a very important point to address. There are a lot of mother/baby classes in the community to help promote breastfeeding, infant meals, and children lunch box ideas. Schools are also in a unique position to promote healthy eating and help ensure appropriate food and nutrient intake among students. There are many nutritional education community resources that helps families in America to improve their nutritional status. They are (A) MyPlate Program: This was created by Michelle Obama in 2011 to serve as a reminder for people to create/make healthier food choices. It put emphasis on eating lots of fruits, grains, vegetables, protein foods and dietary foods. (B) The woman, infant and children program (WIC): This program assist pregnant women, new moms and young children obtain and eat healthy foods. Qualified individuals can only purchase healthy food items. Nutritional education is also provided for qualified individuals at no cost to them. References: MyPlate, 2015. Retrieved from: WIC Program Nutrition Education Guidance, 2006. Retrieved from: Edelman, C.L., Kudzman, E, C., Mandel, C. L., (2014). Health promotion throughout the Lifespan. St. Louis: Elsevier.

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Jeanette Wintersons View on Life Essay -- Winterson Writing Essays

Jeanette Winterson's View on Life A writer's style should be distinctive. Indeed, if it isn't distinctive, then it isn't a style. A creative person is someone who imagines what other people cannot. Their value to us lies in expanding our own possibilities. Walls fall. We break out. Art releases what was lost. Jeanette Winterson Sometimes it seems that our lives have been watered down. That somehow we have been cheated of the true meaning of what is before us. Especially here in America, millions of people live comfortable lifestyles: they have money, they have place, they have success. But still many of us are bored and unhappy. We wake up every morning, go to work, go to school, and come home without feeling a thing. We are de facto disenchanted and nobody really knows why. Our imagination dies long before our bodies die. Jeanette Winterson is a writer whose work seems to be aimed at changing this for herself and, if we will listen to her, perhaps for us as well. Winterson reveals both the beauty and the horror with which we are confronted on a daily basis. She shows us new universes within our own, and parallel universes outside our own. Her writing teaches us to read between the lines of our everyday lives. Even when this is not an obvious message delivered through the content of her stories, we find it within her language. Her words reveal and unfold layers of unrealized meaning on every page, until the reader is gently lowered back into his or her own world with a new fascination and awe for what already existed. Winterson's writing rejects our conventional perception of life. She reveals the shallow fulfillment inherent in traditional values, expands our notion of time and reality, and gives us new insig... ...he is sick of our houses with ceilings and no floors and wants us to build houses instead with floors and no ceilings, houses that deny limits and embrace sheltered truths that help us deny the limits. She sees the power and beauty in both imagination and reality, and she finds no need to distinguish between the two, as both exist co-dependently, like structural elements of a house with no ceiling. In short, Jeanette Winterson wants to release, through her own art, the love for life that has been lost. She writes for our very lives and hers. Works Cited Kakutani, Michiko. "A Journey Through Time, Space, and Imagination." New York Times 27 Apr. 1990: C33. Winterson, Jeanette. Art & Lies. London: Cape, 1994. The Passion. New York: Atlantic Monthly Press, 1998. The World and Other Places. New York: Vintage, 2000. Written On The Body. London: Cape, 1992.

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Creative Photography Essay

What are three examples of forms of music? One example of forms of music Describe each form. What is form in music? Critical Thinking Questions Music has sometimes been referred to as a â€Å"universal language. † Why has this description been applied to music? Emotions are a common feeling shared among human beings. Music communicates so many things that everyone can understand without having to speak a word . It communicates love, frustration, hatred, war, friendship, commerce, marriage, separation, unity, confusion. Music is referred to as a Universal language Do you agree or disagree with this assessment? Yes I agree Why? Music is universal it provokes the same feelings no matter what kind or style it is music cultivates everyone’s inner feelings. and thoughts Why is musical notation important? Musical nation is important What benefits do musicians and others receive from being able to write down and note aspects of a musical piece? In the first part of the module, we discussed how music is everywhere in society. What are some of the ways that we use music? How do you use music in your own life? Music can help influence the mood or feeling in a place by the way in which it is played. What is a specific example of this that you have experienced? Discuss the experience (what was the song? how was it played? how did the mood/feeling change? ). For example, you might discuss an experience at a concert, religious service, or another place where music played a part in creating the mood.

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Hawthornes Rappaccinis Daughter Essay - 3312 Words

Hawthornes Rappaccinis Daughter This essay focuses on the way Hawthorne’s â€Å"Rappaccini’s Daughter† articulates the tension between the spirit and the empirical world. Hawthorne challenges the empirical world Rappaccini, both malevolent for his experimentation with human nature and sympathetic for his love for his daughter, represents, by raising an aesthetic question Rappaccini implicitly asks. Hawthorne never conclusively answers this question in his quest to preserve spiritual beauty in an empirical world, offering the most disturbing possibility of all: could art and the artist prove as fatal to the human spirit as empiricism? Hawthorne’s sinister representation of Rappaccini early in the story belies this self-isolating†¦show more content†¦But, as the tale reveals, Baglioni’s envy emerges in the â€Å"professional warfare† in which Rappaccini, not Baglioni, has â€Å"gained the advantage† (928). Baglioni’s description of Beatrice and Rappaccini, as Beatrice will later reveal to Giovanni, prove at least somewhat false because his intentions are tainted by a desire that Rappaccini not â€Å"snatch the lad [Giovanni] out of [his] hands†¦and make use of him for his infernal experiments† (932). Rather, Baglioni approaches Giovanni for the sole purpose of deprecating his rival’s character and daughter, with an obvious jealousy that motivates him and ultimately destroys Giovanni’s faith in the beauty, innocence, and spiritual essence Beatrice represents. Giovanni’s first impressions of Beatrice support Baglioni’s view of Rappaccini and his daughter, who â€Å"looked redundant with life, health, and energy; all of which attributes were bound down and compressed, as it were, and girdled tensely, in their luxuriance, by her virgin zone† (926). Like one of the flowers in the garden, Rappaccini tends his daughter with a â€Å"watchful eye,† which binds and compresses her, protecting her chastity from lustful intentions. Giovanni immediately senses this protection, even oppression, and his â€Å"fancy must have grownShow MoreRelatedScience in Nathaniel Hawthornes Rappaccinis Daughter1363 Words   |  6 Pagesstory â€Å"Rappaccini’s Daughter† can be seen as a love story about young man determined to be with his beloved, despite the fact that she is poisonous. However, when examining the text, underlying theme about science arise. During the time in which this piece was written, science was rapidl y evolving. â€Å"All biological sciences must first go through a taxonomic stage since their data must be put in order before they can be employed in research on an analytical level†(Shryock 291) â€Å"Rappaccini’s Daughter†Read More Romanticism in Hawthornes Young Goodman Brown, The Birthmark, and Rappaccinis Daughter1065 Words   |  5 PagesRomanticism in Young Goodman Brown, The Birth-Mark, and Rappaccinis Daughter  Ã‚  Ã‚      Nathaniel Hawthorne gives his own definition of romanticism in the preface to The House of Seven Gables. According to Hawthorne, the writer of a romance may claim a certain latitude and may deepen and enrich the shadows of the picture, as long as he does not swerve aside from the truth of the human heart. The writer of a romance will be mingle the Marvelous as long as he does it to a slightRead More Exploring the Ruin of Man in Rappaccinis Daughter Essay3076 Words   |  13 PagesExploring the Ruin of Man in Rappaccinis Daughter    Who will redeem man from his evil tendencies and his fallen state?   Nathaniel Hawthorne in Rappaccinis Daughter delves into the nature of man and reveals that the evil imaginations and machinations of man may eventually lead to his ruin. Rappaccinis Daughter is a story set in the mid-nineteenth century in Padua, Italy, a country well known for its romantic stories and history. This period in time was marked by various scientificRead MoreStifled Women in Yellow Wallpaper, Rappaccinis Daughter, and Beloved2739 Words   |  11 PagesStifled Women in The Yellow Wallpaper, Rappaccinis Daughter, and Beloved   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   A connection can be drawn among the stories listed above regarding women who live as prisoners. Beatrice, of Rappaccinis Daughter, is confined to a garden because of her fathers love of science, and she becomes the pawn to several mens egos. The woman of The Yellow Wallpaper is trapped by her own familys idea of how she should conduct herself, because her mood and habit of writing are not normal to them.Read More Comparing Artist of the Beautiful, Rappaccinis Daughter, Birthmark and Prophetic Pictures1051 Words   |  5 PagesComparing Perfection in Artist of the Beautiful, Rappaccinis Daughter, Birthmark and Prophetic Pictures In four of Hawthornes stories there is a struggle for power and control as a vehicle to obtain perfection or beauty. In The Artist of the Beautiful, Rappaccinis Daughter, The Birthmark and The Prophetic Pictures the characters are controlled by their desire for perfection in their creations, but they do not achieve their goals without sacrifice. In The Artist of the BeautifulRead More Rappaccinis Daughter Essay: Finding the Heart in Rappaccinis Daughter911 Words   |  4 PagesFinding the Heart in Rappaccinis Daughter         In Hawthornes short story, Rappaccinis Daughter, Rappaccini is ostensibly a cold, calculating scientist. A pure scientist who would willingly give his daughter, himself, or whatever else most precious to him for the sake of adding so much as a grain of mustard seed to the great heap of his accumulated knowledge (1641). This leads most to believe that Rappaccini lacks any emotion and concern for his scientific subjects and their desiresRead MoreAnalysis Of The Novel Rappacini s Daughter 1594 Words   |  7 PagesIn â€Å"Rappacini’s Daughter†, Hawthorne shows the rivalry between two scientists, romance brought by evil, and the death of an innocent daughter. In addition, Hawthorne explains the fall of Giovanni when he moves to another city and finds himself in a garden full of lust. Beatrice, innocent, beautiful, and yet poisonous, she didn’t her flesh and beauty would be hazardous to the man she loved, Giovanni. Hawthorne also explains in similar and symbol ic allusions in the tale. Baglioni is a well-respectedRead More Rappaccini’s Daughter - Women Essay2819 Words   |  12 PagesWomen and â€Å"Rappaccini’s Daughter†Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚        Ã‚  Ã‚   What are the attitudes of the young medical school student in Hawthorne’s tale, â€Å"Rappaccini’s Daughter,† toward women; of the author toward women; of   other characters in the story toward women? Are women involved in basic plot development? This essay intends to answer these and other questions about women in the short story.    Beatrice, Dr. Rappaccini’s daughter, is the prime motivating force in the story. Giovanni’s love for the beautifulRead More Rappaccinis Daughter Essay: Allegory of the Garden of Eden1629 Words   |  7 Pages  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   In the literal sense, Nathaniel Hawthorns Rappaccinis Daughter is the story about the rivalry between two scientists that ultimately causes the destruction of an innocent young woman. However, when the story is examined on a symbolic level, the reader sees that Rappaccinis Daughter is an allegorical reenactment of the original fall from innocence and purity in the Garden of Eden. Rappaccinis garden sets the stage of this allegory, while the characters of the story each represent the importantRead MoreSelf Deception : A To Mankind1816 Words   |  8 Pagesthroughout history men place a veil over their own eyes, they see what they want to see, and that this causes them to both destroy themselves, and what they love most. I believe that this theme of self-deception is prominent in Hawthorne’s short stories, particularly â€Å"Rappaccini’s Daughter†, and just as Giovanni ignored the signs and warnings surrounding Beatrice thereby allowing himself to be warped by the cruel and cunning Rappaccini, just as Adam and Eve deceived themselves in the Garden of Eden, all men

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Hamlet Love for Ophelia Essay - 759 Words

Hamlets Love For Ophelia Although the play Hamlet was written nearly 450 years ago by William Shakespeare, scholars still pose the question, â€Å"Did Hamlet really love Ophelia?† I believe Hamlet had feelings for Ophelia, but he never demonstrated true love for her. Several times in the play Hamlet denies his love for Ophelia. If he truly loved her, he would not want to hurt her. When Hamlet accidently killed Polonius, he did not try to console Ophelia. If he truly loved her, he would have been at her side to provide comfort in her time of grief. Even at Ophelia’s funeral, he did not profess his love for Ophelia. If he truly loved her, he would have proclaimed his love for her to those present at the funeral. Hamlet’s actions prove that he†¦show more content†¦Not only is he pleased with the fact he has killed Polonius, but he also hides the body so there can be no proper burial for Polonius. If he truly loved Ophelia, he would want to express sorrow for her loss and support he r through her grief. The death of Ophelia’s father causes her to go mad and she never recovers from the loss. Ultimately, she drowns in the brook, possibly committing suicide. Hamlet never goes to Ophelia to comfort her even though her actions indicate she is loosing her sanity. He leaves for England, at the urging of Claudius, rather than stay in Denmark where he could have monitored the health of Ophelia. If Hamlet truly loved Ophelia, he would have been there for her in her time of need. In the final act Hamlet is at the graveyard when he learns of Ophelia’s death. He is speaking with a gravedigger when Claudius enters with Gertrude, Laertes, a priest, mourners and a coffin. Hamlet hears Laertes voice and realizes he is speaking of Ophelia and it is her funeral. Hamlet enters the scene and jumps into Ophelia’s grave. Laertes proclaims’ â€Å"The devil take thy soul,† and he grapples with Hamlet. It is at this point Hamlet declares his love for Ophelia. â€Å"I loved Ophelia. Forty thousand brothers could not with all their quantity of love make up my sum. What wilt thou do for her?† Hamlet only expresses his love for Ophelia after fighting with Laertes. He is trying to out do Laertes with his show of emotion. Even his mother is notShow MoreRelatedHamlet - the Love of Hamlet for Ophelia Essay examples1609 Words   |  7 PagesHamlet is without any reservations, one of Shakespeares most mystifying plays. Although the play has a conc ise story, it is filled with many uncertainties relating to different issues behind the plot. The reader is left with many uncertainties about the true feelings of prince Hamlet. One question in particular is, did Hamlet really love Ophelia? This dispute can be reinforced either way, however I believe Hamlet was truly in love with Ophelia. Support for my decision comes from Hamlets treatmentRead More The Love Of Hamlet For Ophelia in Shakespeares Hamlet Essay1537 Words   |  7 PagesThe Love Of Hamlet For Ophelia in Shakespeares Hamlet Hamlet is without any reservations, one of Shakespeares most mystifying plays. Although the play has a concise story, it is filled with many uncertainties relating to different issues behind the plot. The reader is left with many uncertainties about the true feelings of prince Hamlet. One question in particular is, did Hamlet really love Ophelia? This dispute can be reinforced either way, however I believe Hamlet was truly in love withRead MoreDid Hamlet Love Ophelia Essay1302 Words   |  6 PagesSandoval 1 Professor: Jamie F. Wheeler ENGL 1302.S17 Date 2/4/12 Did Hamlet Love Ophelia? Although some scholars argue that Hamlet has a concise story, it is filled with many uncertainties relating to Hamlet. One of which is Hamlet love for Ophelia, despite some argue otherwise, the evidence provides that the Prince truly did love Ophelia. The word â€Å"love† is a powerful one, both in real life, and in Shakespeares play Hamlet. It is often a confusing concept, made even harder to grasp when oneRead MoreDoes Hamlet Love Ophelia Analysis1193 Words   |  5 Pagesplays of love tragedies. Among these love tragedies is the story of Hamlet. Hamlet revolves around love and madness. In the play, madness did overpower love, especially between Hamlet and Ophelia’s relationship. In the play, there have been many questions about whether Hamlet did love Ophelia. There’s evidence arguing Hamlet never loved Ophelia by the way he acts towards her throughout the play, but by the way he acts around Ophelia when he was alone with her, he really did love her. When Hamlet findsRead MoreDoes Hamlet Truly Love Ophelia957 Words   |  4 PagesDoes Hamlet Truly love Ophelia? In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, many arguments have been argued as to whether or not Hamlet is really in love with Ophelia. I believe that there is a lot of evidence arguing that Hamlet never loved Ophelia and that he was just using her. By the way he acts around Ophelia when he is alone with her, he shows that his feelings for her are true. Hamlet shows throughout the play that he is really in love with Ophelia. One piece of evidence showing that Hamlet reallyRead MoreDoes Hamlet Love Ophelia Essay976 Words   |  4 Pages  Ã‚  Ã‚   Ophelia was born in a time where women were viewed as personal property to men. They grew up being taught to knit and to make quilts, to serve their man, but never to read, or write. But with Ophelia not having a mother to teach and to guide her on what to do and how to handle the men of her time; Her judgement was a little off when it comes to knowing if someone was being authentic. So the question is, did Hamlet actually really love her? With his actions and words, was Ophelia simply livingRead MoreDoes Hamlet Love Ophelia Analysis1111 Words   |  5 Pagesargue that Hamlet has a concise story, it is filled with many unknowns relating to Hamlet. One of which is Hamlets love for Ophelia, despite some arguments against it, the evidence proves that the Prince truly did love Ophelia. The word â€Å"love† is a powerful one, both in real life, and in Shake speare’s play Hamlet. This word is even harder to understand when the person behind it is constantly changing their mind, saying different things to others, and acting crazy, but despite this Hamlet seems toRead MoreEssay on The Destruction of Love Between Hamlet and Ophelia1643 Words   |  7 PagesThe Destruction of Love Between Hamlet and Ophelia      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Ophelia describes Hamlet as the courtiers soldier, scholars eye, tongue and sword, Thexpectancy and rose of fair state, the glass of fashion and the mould of form, Thobserved of all observers (Act 3 Scene 1) He is the ideal man. But, after his madness and the death of her father she sees him as a noble mind oer thrown! (Act 3 Scene 1). Ophelia suffers from Hamlets disillusionment; his attitude to her in Act 3 Scene 1 isRead MoreHamlet And Ophelia s Classic Love Story1502 Words   |  7 PagesResearch Project Love is define as a an intense feeling of deep affection(found on Wikipedia dictionary)it is also the force that can drive any man or woman to be or do insane things, and is no doubt one of the main themes in William Shakespeare’s play, â€Å"Hamlet†. A relationship between two people can become very complex. Words can be exchanged in a state of anger, and later the person will feel some sort of regret. The theme love takes on many relationships throughout the play, but the one were focusingRead MoreHamlets Love for Ophelia1231 Words   |  5 PagesIntro to Literature Drama Paper Hamlet’s Love   Ã‚      In the tragic play  Hamlet, written by William Shakespeare, one of the most common themes found throughout the story’s plot is the theme of love. Shakespeare interlaces many layers of thematic love through the complex relationships of  Hamlet; primarily between Hamlet and Ophelia. From Act one until the final scene of the play, Hamlet struggles with the decision to kill Claudius while he concurrently tries to comprehend the chaos surrounding

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Dui Laws Essay - 1285 Words

Driving Under The Influence Laws, need to be more severe Driving under the Influence is a dangerous trend and is known to cause many critical accidents and deaths which could have been easily prevented. Even though the consequences for DUI arrests are strict, they seem to not be effective enough. The toll of alcohol-related deaths, repeated offenders, and accidents is still rising, leaving the streets dangerous and families devastated. Over half the drivers arrested for drunk driving in the nation, are repeated offenders. I stand strongly against drunk drivers; They are a threat to themselves and society and believe that they should be taught a tough lesson when caught. Therefore, the charges for Driving Under the Influence laws need to†¦show more content†¦You would think that if a person gets pulled over, arrested, gets his/her license suspended and gets court ordered to pay 250+ dollars in fines, that they would never get behind the wheel under the influence again and endanger someone else’s life. Wrong. According to a 2007 AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety study over half of drivers arrested for drunk driving in the nation are repeat offenders. All states have adopted 21 as the legal drinking age. Two-thirds of the states have now passed Administrative License Revocation (ALR) laws, which allow the arresting officer to take the license of drivers who fail or refuse to take a breath test. All states have now lowered the legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit from .10 to .08 percent for adults, and all states have passed Zero Tolerance laws which prohibit drivers under twenty-one from having any amount of alcohol in their blood system. The penalties have increased for drinking and driving, yet the repeated offenders percentages haven’t decreased. Thus proving, what the laws are doing now is not working and they need to be raised. Going back to the purpose of punishment, if people keep doing the same thing, than the consequences before did not faze them and need to be stricter. Page 3 On theShow MoreRelatedTougher Dui Laws And Better Technology1331 Words   |  6 PagesTougher DUI laws and better Technology Could Be Both Good and Bad Let’s drink and drive so we can crash and kill innocent people. Driving while under the influence of alcohol is called drunk driving (DUI), which is against the law. The National Traffic Safety Administration (NTSA) estimates that almost 40% of traffic deaths caused by accidents in the United States are caused by drunk drivers. Some people think that there should be tougher penalties for repeaters of DUI and we should have zero toleranceRead MoreMandatory Dui Laws And / Or Technology Should Be Enacted1320 Words   |  6 PagesDriving while under the influence of alcohol is called drunk driving (DUI), which is against the law. The National Traffic Safety Administration (NTSA) estimates that almost 40% of traffic deaths caused by accidents in the United States are caused by drunk drivers. Some people think that there should be tougher penalties for repeaters of DUI and we should have zero tolerance for drinking and driving. Others believe that tougher laws are not needed. Some people feel like the social drinkers are beingRead MorePenalties for Dr iving Under the Influence Essay726 Words   |  3 PagesDUIs have blindly taken lives of citizens, and the punishment for this crime does not meet its destruction. In Mississippi, the first offense of a DUI carries only a ninety-day license suspension. Drunk drivers kill people every year. If DUI punishment became stricter, and careless drunk drivers paid the full consequence of their wrongdoing, the number of people killed by drunk drivers would decrease. Some argue that if the government strengthened DUI laws, it would have an economically negativeRead MoreThe Transportation security Administration (TSA) is Violating the Fourth Amendment536 Words   |  3 Pagesor things to be seized† (    The importance of this amendment is for all citizens to be able to protect their homes/persons from illegal intrusion from the law.   This does not mean squat to many police officers, district attorneys, and even judges.   How could a person who takes an oath to uphold the law violate the constitution and have no problems with it?   The idea of a person who is supposed to protect the United States’ citizens purposely violating their rights does not pleaseRead MoreSpecial Treatment for Celebrities: The Law Should Apply to All993 Words   |  4 Pagesthen they get pulled over are accused of being offensive to the arresting officer and other people. then several weeks later you hear about this same person being only charged with a minor offense when you remember it was a DUI (driving under the influence). Why does the law help these celebrities. Being a celebrity exposes them to the public, and many celebrities take advantage of this in many ways. from endorsing sportswear to sunglasses, sometimes you even see them supporting politicians. RegardlessRead MoreDo Celebrities Get Special Treatment? Essay1290 Words   |  6 Pagesexample by letting the law-breakers know that for every crime, there is a punishment. Every single person in this country knows that if they decide to break the law, there are going to be consequences. But no average person does something without expecting to get away with their hands clean. There are no high profile lawyers, million dollar defense, or appeals for unfair trial. For the average person there is only the cold hard truth. It is common knowledge that the law is almost always forgivingRead MoreThe Legal System and Society999 Words   |  4 Pagescriminal and civil trails. They use evidence and argue to support their clients. It all started in Ancient Rome. In this time citizens of Ancient Rome where ruled by kings. Until 450 B.C the romans created the Twelve Tables which is a set of code laws. This set up the basics of the legal system, which the United States uses one similar to it today. The Latin culture influenced the United States to use the language in courts. At this time in the Roman Republic the wealthy had the power and were ableRead MoreSocial And Agency Policies That Impact Your Client901 Words   |  4 Pagesclient) ever since she was a teenager. The client has no job due to her inability to get hired because of prior arrests, no transportation due to her license being suspended and car being impounded after her last arrest for Driving Under the Influence (DUI), with a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of 0.247 and client states that she feels stuck. (Micro). Client Charges include: (Macro) ARS 28-1381.A1: It is unlawful for a person to drive or be in actual physical control of a vehicle while under theRead MoreA Personal Reflection on Who I Am Today and Why Essay1018 Words   |  5 Pagesto attend law school. I am a woman who overcame many challenges in life and I am the same woman who chose not to let the hardships define who I am. After encountering several personal and academic experiences, I was guided towards a newly profound answer to the question, â€Å"Who Am I?† I am now a woman with goals of pursuing a career in the legal field and desire to establish my own firm. I was not born as this woman; I was groomed into the woman that I am today. My desire to study law was not rootedRead MoreMarijuana Law Essay876 Words   |  4 Pageshave passed laws making the possession and use of recreational marijuana legal. Although marijuana is legal in Maine the use of marijuana is still federally illegal. There already seems like there could be trouble, right? Well this is only one of many problems resulting from the â€Å"Yes† vote for the marijuana referendum. Police are severely impacted when something is legal according to state law, but illegal according to federal laws. Law enforcement is affected by having to enforce the laws. This is